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EEFC - Discovering God Website

Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church (EEFC) needed a dynamic, database-driven website to complement their 2nd-annual “Spiritual Journey” notebook. One of the main goals for the site was to facilitate and encourage interaction and sharing of the study material in the book.

EEFC Discovering God - Homepage EEFC Discovering God - Admin Dashboard

Content on the website was automatically delivered each day. An RSS feed was created to syndicate the daily content, and allow visitors to subscribe via a news-aggregator such a bloglines. In addition, members could sign-up to receive a daily email containing the current content.

EEFC also wanted to allow members to record and store personal content on the site. An area was created where members could record personal thoughts and ideas that would be visible to them, but hidden to everyone else.

Finally, a back-end content management system was built to allow the church staff to easily maintain the site content, and manage user accounts, without having to be technically inclined. Text could be formatted without any knowledge of HTML using a simple markup system. This allowed limited formatting control while preventing them from deviating from the standard site templates.

Our Contributions

  • Dynamic content-delivery system custom-built using Ruby on Rails web application framework
  • Site design
  • XHTML + CSS development
  • User account system and controlled access to content
  • Custom content-management system and administration dashboard to facilitate site maintenance by non-technical staff

The Website

The "Discovering God" website is located at http://discovergod.eefc.ca